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News And Events

VAM Discretionary Funds -Outlook Novermber-2015
Concerns over a China-driven global growth slowdown were rekindled in September, only to abate in October, allowing equity markets to deliv....
Weekly Report 1/2/2006
Weekly Report 1/2/2006 GBP 143.76 Ksh Dollar 100.52 Ksh Euro 109.00 Ksh ....
Weekly Report: 25/1/2016
Weekly Report: 25/1/2016 The world Economic Forum held in Davos in the Swiss Apps dominated the market news last week. As executives, investors and policy ....
What makes a currency strong or weak
We are no longer living in unipolar world where America could singlehandedly dictate terms to everybody else. These days China, Russia, Germany, Iran an....
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