Regnum Consultants Limited, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme is availing skills, expertise and financial support to
Seventh Day Adventist Foundation of Hope Children’s Centre (SEDAFOH), a community based organization registered with the Department of Culture and Social Services.

SEDAFOH Volunteer group is a 4 year old organization formed by 24 members -Christian Believers who during their community encounters, were faced with grave and needy cases of orphans and neglected elderly people in Kikuyu division.

SEDAFOH had been operating with lack of sufficient funds, its sole source mainly from members’ contributions; members being peasant farmers in the area with very little themselves.
Regnum Consultants visited the home in March 2007 and were touched and humbled by the plight of the project beneficiaries. Basic food requirements were running out and there was no clear sponsor or well wisher willing to step in and help. We felt we had to step in and become a partner in enabling SEDAFOH’s project to grow.

Regnum Consultants will contribute funds as per the approved business plan. Regnum will be availing capital to SEDAFOH on a periodic basis to meet their program budgets. Profits from the venture will be ploughed back into the business so enable it to grow and become self sustaining.
Regnum Consultants have set a 5 member permanent committee to continuously liaise with the group and ensure things run according to plan.

We will continuously review the developments.
Overall management and supervision of the venture is the responsibility of SEDAFOH’s office bearers for the project.