REGNUM aims to cover all the 5 fundamentals of financial planning


Our Corporate Services

1. Pension Planning (Local & International)
2. Group Health Services (Medical &  Accident)
3. Group Life
4. Key Man Insurance
5. Business Risk Management
6. Staff Training on Personal Finance
Cash Management and budgeting: The foundation of any financial plan is budgeting, it does not matter how much you earn what matters is how much is left in your account at the end of the day. The way you spend your money is the single most important factor in financial planning management. If you spend it all there will be nothing to invest and therefore the twilight years a head will be filled with financial insecurity.

Risk Planning: The cornerstone of any financial plan is risk management. However well and carefully thought out your financial plan it is all useless if you have not taken the necessary steps to eliminate risk. An uninsured loss can wipe out all accumulated wealth. It is important to factor in insurance as it removes the risk element from a financial plan.

Investment Planning: Managing investments is a major endeavour requiring a good understanding of the market place, time value of money, portfolio development and management, knowledge of the local, regional and the offshore financial markets as well as reliable sources of financial information.

Tax Planning & Management:
It is not what you make it is what you keep that matters. Therefore knowing what the tax laws in Kenya are regarding investments and pensions is key to your financial planning. It keeps you out of trouble and helps ensure that the amount you keep is as great as legally possible

Estate Planning: It involves arranging for the transfer of your property to your heirs and to other beneficiaries according to your goals and wishes. We spend so much time investing and acquiring wealth mostly for the good of our family, and then end up dying before we have written a will or planned for our eventual demise and therefore all our planning is for naught.